Since the beginning, the company De Raedt has been worldwide recognised as a designer and manufacturer of industrial fans of quality. Our company can also provide solutions in gas-treatment.

Whether you work in the glass industry, the iron and steel industry, the energy production, the chemical and petrochemical industries, the cement works, the mining industries, incineration plants, railway transport, the agricultural and food industry, fertilisers, sanitary products, ... We can help you !

The company De Raedt was built in 1918 by Mr Constant DE RAEDT and employs at present 98 persons. We are now located in the industrial zone of Nivelles (30 Km south of Brussels). Our workshop area is 7.200 m and our office area is 2.000 m. We also employ a commercial team based in our French offices in Crepy en Valois.

We are very proud of our high-performant installations, machines and specialised tools :

  • Metals : cutting to shape, manufacturing, folding, bending, welding, ...
  • Balancing of rotating parts.
  • Treatment of surfaces and paints.
  • Assembling and tests : aeraulical, vibrations, acoustic, ...

2000 De Raedt - updated 18/07/2000